Detail Shop


A clean looking car can take you far!

Regular detailing promotes good car health with preventative maintenance, it increases resale value and expands the life span of your vehicle.


Limited Wash Package $179.95

  • Complete Meticulous Hand Wash
  • Chamois Dry
  • Interior Vacuum
  • Clean All Flat Interior Surfaces
  • Wash Floor Mats
  • Clean And Dress All Tires
  • Clean Door Jams/ Interior Windows

Platinum Wash Package $279.95

Includes All From Limited Package Plus:

  • Clean Wheel Wells and Rims
  • Machine Wax
  • Full Engine Shampoo


Rust and Undercoat Protection $299.00

Undercoat protects undercarriage of vehicles against moisture, chemicals, and salt that cause rust and reduces road noise.

The rustproof coating protects from corrosion & rust due to moisture, chemicals, dirt, and debris.

*No Warranty with the rust and undercoat protection


Polishing $145.00

The condition of your vehicle and your overall desires for your vehicle appearance will determine which process of Polish we recommend, our single-stage polish, or our 3 Stage Polish.

Per Panel Polish  $95.00

Single Stage Polish  $145.00

Three Stage Polish  $299.00



Leather Guard $195.00

A Fabric or Leather Guard will be offered to you during the buying process but is always available down the road. A Fabric or Leather Guard protects your vehicle against stains & spills and helps keep your interior looking like new