7 Summer Driving Tips | Northside VW in Sault Ste. Marie, ON

7 Hot Summer Driving Tips

After such a long winter, it’s hard to believe but summer is already just around the corner! Before you know it the grass will be green, the flowers will have bloomed, and the temperature will dictate shorts and t-shirts instead of jackets and snow pants. Summer also brings its own unique challenges when driving about Ontario, so before you start planning that long-awaited road trip, check out our 7 hot summer driving tips to get your summer started on the right foot!

Get a Check-Up

We’re not talking about you (though regular doctor’s appointments are always a good idea), we’re talking about your car! Make sure your Volkswagen is ready for summer by bringing it in for a quick tune-up. You can Book an Appointment anytime, and our team of factory-trained technicians will ensure that your VW will cruise effortlessly all summer long!

Choose the Right Rubber

Now that the temperature outside is finally rising, it’s time to think about swapping out your winter rubber for something more suitable. Whether it’s low rolling-resistance all-seasons or high-performance summer tires, our Tire Store has a huge selection of wheels and tires to ensure that you’ve got the right rubber for the road ahead!

Share the Road

Now that the weather is becoming more pleasant, bicyclists and motorcycles are flocking onto the roads to enjoy the summer heat. As a courteous driver, it’s important to be mindful of our two-wheel friends and keep a watchful eye out for them. After all, despite being able to stop and turn faster than a car, they don’t have nearly the same protection a Volkswagen offers!

Beat the Heat

As the summer heat begins to build, the temperature in your Volkswagen’s interior can reach similarly scorching levels. In addition to powerful air conditioning, many VWs offer ventilated seats to help keep you cool in the summer heat. If you don’t have this option, our Parts & Accessories department offers sun shades and other tools to help you beat the heat!

Keep Your Cool

As the temperature rises, often so can our tempers. And with seemingly more bad drivers than ever congregating on our roads it can be tough to stay calm at times. But getting angry isn’t just bad for your health, it also degrades our driving abilities! Instead, just sit back, crank the tunes on your sound system, and let that anger wash away.

Protect Your Furry Friends

If you’re a pet owner then it’s important to remember that as summer comes along,the inside of your Volkswagen can become a real sauna for our four-legged friends. That same coat of fur that makes them so soft and cuddly also acts as a heat insulator – meaning a vehicle that’s comfortable for you can be sweltering for them. So be kind and crack a window or leave the A/C running!

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